A week of wind, rain….. and beautiful sunsets !

I think sometimes I just happen to pick the wrong days for our long runs and Sunday was no exception….. I had planned our route from Shoreham to Brighton, a straight out and back route that covered the power station section of the marathon route. Quite a simple 13 mile route…. and the first half was easy ! What I hadn’t planned for was running the second half back towards Shoreham head on in to 30mph winds with drizzle and bits of freezing rain thrown in for good measure.

I think it is fair to say that when the wind gusted we didn’t actually move forwards much ! It was almost a relief to get back to the lock at Shoreham and on to the road sheltered a bit from the wind by the buildings…..

So now we have run the power station stretch of the marathon route, the one part that everyone says is hard but if we can run it in those conditions I reckon we should be ok 😉

Yesterday Holly and I took Millie out for a run over the Downs. We had been nearly 2 days without rain and the ground had dried out a bit (but still VERY muddy !). The views from the top of the Downs were worth it. It was so clear you could see the Isle of Wight just as the sun was setting. There was still a very cold wind but it was behind us for the stretch of the run across the top of the Downs so it wasn’t too bad.

Anyway, these are a couple of photos from the last weeks running. We had to wait at the lock in Shoreham so I took the opportunity to photograph a boat or two…. and then yesterdays sunset. This is why I run.

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