An eventful run…

Why is it some runs are far more eventful than others ?? This mornings run has to be one the more eventful….

Normally our runs are quiet, plodding type runs, especially the longer runs of 12+ miles… Over the first few miles we both try and ignore the fact that our bodies are complaining bitterly that they are having to do more running. I know this phase passes after the first couple of miles.. It is though my body gives up the fight and says ok, if you are insisting on doing this then I’ll just get on with it.

This morning, less than a mile in to the run, a dog spotted us across the road. Now I don’t know if it was the colour of my top he didn’t like but he was distinctly unhappy about something and while his owner chatted to friends this dog bounded across the road (missed by the traffic) and showed us that he had nice big teeth as he started barking, growling and snarling at us… Apparently he hasn’t had a problem with runners before, maybe he normally swallows them whole, anyway, we did the stand still and make encouraging but hopefully not terrified noises at this dog while his owner crossed the road (putting less effort in to it than the dog did) to retrieve her dog and put it on a lead.

I wasn’t wearing my heart rate monitor ( something else I forgot whilst trying to get out early before it got too hot…) but Holly was and it was interesting to see the “spike” created by the dog !

Anyway we continued…. The next thing we came across was a stray dog, not the first time…. But this one was quite old, wearing a collar, but still faster than us.. I think it is fair to say he seemed to know where he was going, even though we were in the middle of nowhere, and eventually disappeared from sight.

We continued our run, saw the normal mix of rabbits, birds and squirrels…. Followed by a weasel running across the path. I see quite a bit of wildlife when running but this is a first for a weasel…

When we were about 3 miles from home we came across a group of mountain bikers. They looked lost.

They were lost.

We were running from Southwater to Steyning along the Downs Link. They were riding from Eastbourne to Winchester along the South Downs Way, they really shouldn’t have been heading North !

We stopped for a chat and to show them where they were on their map. The only problem being they didn’t have a proper map with them and had gone so far north they were off the “map” they did have ! I pulled out my trusty iPhone with the memory map app and showed them on an o/s map where they were…

We then directed them back the way they came and explained the easiest way to pick up the Downs Link…. They carried on…. A bit later we caught up with them again and point out the clump of trees in the distance on the Downs that they needed to head for….

I do wonder if they made it to Winchester… To be honest covering a journey of that distance without proper maps, a compass or a gps unit does at the best seem a bit daft. Their detour would have added about 6 miles on to their journey, they already looked very hot and tired and they still had a long way to go….

Anyway, today’s run was 12.38 miles in a total of 2:39:59 including the time that we were stood still waiting for a dog owner to retrieve her dog, time spent chasing a stray dog and the time chatting and directing lost mountain bikers. It was also very hot (well over 20 deg C) and very humid…..

All in all not a bad run.

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