Being visible….

This time of year I am doing a lot of running in the dark…. or “twilight”…. I have a couple of dayglow yellow running tops but some of my favourite warm tops have tiny little reflective strips on and to be honest I’m wary of running in them in the evenings because I think I may not be seen.

So, I put some thought in to this and have “customised” my favourite running jacket to make it a bit more visible… this is the first customisation and I have a few more tops lined up for the treatment.

I looked online and bought some iron on reflective patches from Cyberglow. I emailed them first to find out how hot an iron I needed to use, and checked the washing instructions on the jacket to make sure it was safe to use an iron on and wouldn’t melt !

So, after spending about £8 I now have a jacket that is unique as well as being far more reflective.

These are the before and after photos….

There is also the added advantage in that no-one else will have a jacket like it so it will be very easy to identify at the end of a club training session !

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