Brutal 10 – Longmoor

On the 28th December I took part in the Brutal 10 race at Longmoor. This wasn’t a “serious” race but more for fun. I ran it with two of the other women from Steyning AC and used it as a hill training session 🙂

If you have never taken part in a Brutal run then you really should. The only obstacles are natural; the terrain that you are running on, water, mud, sand and hill. Some of the hills are VERY steep but none of them go on for that long… and they lie when they tell you the water is only waist deep ! Some of the water is very cold… and some of the boggy bits are very smelly… but the one thing guaranteed is that if you don’t take yourself too seriously you will have a LOT of fun !


One of the wooded sections, we couldn’t have asked for better weather !

641 749

Waist deep ?? Really ??


The final sprint finish 🙂 It took awhile to get rid of the “bog” smell…..

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