Catch up time !

I know, I haven’t posted much recently. A mix of it being our busiest time at work as well as being kept busy in my spare time with various house/family/running things 🙂

Our English summer is well and truly here….. I know it is because of the wind and rain…… none the less I have been out running. Both on my own and with the beginners group.

The beginners group really has gone from strength to strength and we now regularly have 15+ people with new people coming along each week. Next Monday I have organised an evening at a Nick Rivett Sport in Hove who have kindly offered to open the shop just for us in the evening so people can have a Video Gait Analysis of their running.

We have also had our first ever club pub run with a variety of routes so that ALL club members no matter how fast or slow could take part and this is going to be a regular monthly fixture.

I have also been off on a First Aid course organised by Run England; I now have a First Aid bumbag to run with on the beginners evenings and I’m officially qualified 🙂

I haven’t raced since the Bedgebury Trailblazer but I have been out training 4 or 5 times a week. My next race is the 21st July (5 miles) but before then I have organised a group from our beginners evening to take part in the Race for Life. This is a great introduction to racing because it is such a positive, supportive environment and everyone gets a medal and goody bag at the end 🙂

I don’t have any races scheduled for August or September, I tend not to book any too far in advance for these months because I don’t know what my work commitments will be. (I’m typing this from a hotel room in Chester… it’s a real rock’n’roll lifestyle ! – not)

Anyway, these are a couple of recent photos…. the Pyramid Orchids are in full bloom on the Downs at the moment, there seem to be more of them than normal…..

The second photo is our group for the first pub run 🙂

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