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I have been a bit slow posting anything recently, there are a few reasons for this, the biggest being a lack of time. It looks like September is going to be a crazy month and it is proving hard to find much time for running. That is one of the down sides of being self employed, when you are busy you need to work more hours out of each 24 in a day, next week I am working 6 evenings out of 7 as well as the normal work during the day… I am also working all weekends between now and mid October so trying to find the time to train properly for my next half marathon is proving challenging. It looks like I may have to set the alarm and start getting up earlier (I’m not an early morning person by nature).

So, back to the running I have been doing….. Last Thursday was a club night that involved hill training, I still find hill training a bit of a killer but this did have the plus side of an amazing sunset over the downs…. I think my face was the same colour as the sky though !

Because I was working all weekend I switched my long run to Monday morning and ran 10.5 miles, trying to push a bit harder up the hills !

Realistically I am hoping this month to maintain my current level of fitness, with the time I have available I really don’t think I will see much of an improvement. This then leaves me a month and a bit before the two races I have targeted in November….. I know it may be a bit early to say this but I am thinking that my target times are now looking a bit optimistic…

I guess it will be a case of wait and see…..

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