Catching up

Well, it is two weeks since I last updated this blog. It has been an interesting two weeks. One week I only managed to get out once, I spent most of the week at a convention in London, if I had known the hotel had a gym I would have taken my trainers ! I didn’t so I managed a whole 2.47 miles that week.

Last week was a bit better. We have had an awful lot of rain here and it has looked like a small river coming down from the Downs recently so I have stuck to the road routes. I have been trying to increase my non stop running distance, not something I have been able to do on my cross country routes due to the sheer amount of mud, water and the steepness of some of the hills.

I managed 4 runs last week totalling 20.4 miles, my longest run was 8.86 miles with an overall average of 10mins 40 secs per miles, I was really pleased with this, this is the furthest I have run non-stop ever and I would have been pleased with anything under 12 mins per mile.

This week I am back to normal at work so I should be able to get out for my 4 runs without too much trouble. I’m planning 2 runs of about 2.5 -3 miles each, one run about 7 miles and one about 10 miles. This should give me a total for the week of about 22 miles…. My 10% increase 🙂

I would love to get my long runs to 9 miles and 13 miles in the next few weeks and also increase the shorter runs to about 4 miles each. If I can do this and maintain it for a few weeks before the half marathon it should put me in quite a good position to complete the half in under 3 hours.

If you had told me a year ago I would be doing this I would have thought you were mad. Funny what changes in life.

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