Feet nibbling….

Well, what can I say. As a treat to my feet I went for a fish pedicure today. Now I will say that normally I don’t like anyone touching my feet, I don’t know why, maybe because when I was younger it normally involved being tickled… And I don’t like it. But today I allowed lots and lots (and I really do mean lots!) of tiny fish nibble the dead skin off my feet.

It tickles. I don’t mean just a little bit but it tickles like crazy for the first few minutes ! It was all I could do to keep my feet in the water whilst these fish (a relative of the pirahana….) gently removed the dead skin from my feet.

While I was sitting there I was thinking about the year ahead leading up to the marathon… At my current mileage I will be running over one thousand miles between now and then. That is a long way. That is all the way from here to St Tropez and one third of the way back again….. and my two feet are going to carry me the whole way. At the end of it I will ask them to carry me for 26.2 miles all in one go, not quite as fast as they possibly can but quite fast without stopping….. so I think they deserve a little bit of TLC now and again.

The fish did their job and my feet definitely enjoyed it…. So much so I will be back again…. and the perhaps they will forgive me for what I’m going to ask them to do over the next year…..

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