Haglofs Gram Q Jacket – Fail !!

Well, what can I say… after owning this jacket for just over a year it leaks like a sieve despite my best efforts to re-waterproof it… I have been careful to follow the care instructions and have made sure I’ve tumble dried it to reactivate the waterproofing but it really does let the rain in. The weak areas seem to be the seams (yes, they are taped !!) and especially the one that links the neck to the hood and the seams along the arms.

Another design fault with this jacket is there is no where to stow the hood when you don’t want it up. This leads to some very annoying “flap page” when you are running in winds, especially cross winds. While I’m picking holes in the design I don’t personally like the material that covers your hands. Yes, it is stretchy and comfortable when dry, but when it rains it just soaks up the water and stays wet.

So, I’m on the look out for another waterproof jacket that will hopefully last a bit longer than this one did… I really don’t want to start the Winter Fan Dance with a waterproof that isn’t waterproof, that would be a very foolhardy and dangerous thing to do…Hagloffs Gram Q jacket

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