Hello :)

Just thought I would write a bit about why I have started this blog….

I started running in April this year, I’m not a runner, I was always useless at sports at school and didn’t enjoy them… My main aim was to lose some weight and get a bit healthier, then I started enjoying running. Running for me is quite personal, it is freedom and gives me time outside to clear my head, I find it relaxing, exhilarating and exhausting at times.

I havent joined a running club, I’ve thought about it, but have never been sure if that would in some way spoil my enjoyment of what I do… So, I have started this blog really as a place to record what I do and what I learn along the way.

I’m lucky in that I live at the foot of the South Downs so cross country running is an obvious choice, the downside at this time of year is that the only real change that I get to do this is weekends or other days off… Bring on the summer and the lighter evenings !

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