Home Sweet Home

Although I have had a great time away for the last few days it is good to be back home. I don’t think I’m a city person really and I love the area that I live in.

I got out for a short run along the river this evening just as the sun was setting and saw the Barn Owl flying around and perching on his favourite fence post, this is the first time I have seen him on an evening run, I normally see him in the early mornings….

Tomorrow I am going to get on the scales, I know this is not going to be good news after five days of staying in a hotel, eating those rather nice cooked breakfasts and not getting out running as much as I should have done…. throw in to the mix the hot chocolates and eating out every evening and I know it’s not going to be pretty…

One good thing about staying away is that I have just about kicked my caffeine habit 🙂 rather than almost chain drinking coffee I have been drinking bottles of water. Partly to combat the dry air conditioned hotel environment… and partly because I really didn’t want to pay London hotel prices for quite so many cups of coffee !

So, the challenge now I am home is to keep the coffee down to one cup a day and carry on drinking the water. I have just under a month before I am away again… my next trip is “Up North” I’ll pack my running gear but because we will be moving between towns each day I’m not sure how much spare time I will have; it would be good to get out and see a bit of each place I visit but I have put zero miles down for most days that week….

The mileage starts to get serious over the next few weeks with my first ever 40 mile week coming up, it also isn’t long until my next half marathon… I have a feeling the weeks are going to start to accelerate…

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