I have a plan !

It is a very cunning plan. It is a plan that will get me round the marathon….

I have typed it out, added it all up and pinned it to the wall next to me desk….

It contains a lot of running…. But part of me is worried that it is still not enough because, if I’m honest, it isn’t an awful lot more than I’ve been running some weeks over the summer anyway; the main difference is how the runs are split up.

Everyone tells me to trust The Plan because it isn’t just having a plan, and sticking to it that will get me round this marathon, it is Believing in the plan… Believing that the plan will be plenty…. Apparently this is as important as the actual training…..

Do I believe ? It is a bit like asking me if I believe in Father Christmas…. I would love to believe… I really would, but I’m not sure that I do… yet….

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