It’s hot !!!

Well yesterday Holly and I went out early for our long run together. I say early because it was early for me on a Sunday morning, to other hardened runners 8:30am may seem like half way through the day but for me it is early… Especially as I needed to be up and have eaten breakfast at least an hour before setting out.

The weather forecast was for it to be hot and sunny so we thought getting out early seemed like a sensible idea so we didn’t melt. Some fog had come in over night and was just starting to lift as we started running…. At about the 3 mile mark we stopped so I could take a few photos of the fog on the Downs.

I’ve started running with my little panasonic camera in my bumbag, it isn’t too heavy and gives me a good excuse for a breather at times, but I also see some amazingly beautiful scenery when I am running. Unfortunately a photo doesn’t always convey the full beauty of the scene… how can you squash a whole panorama into a small photo ??

I also took a couple of photos of Holly and the field of cows we had just walked through. We walked through the field because the cows not only had their calves with them they also had the bull in the field with them and we didn’t want to spook them by appearing out of nowhere !

We had a good run, nearly 11 miles in total and the furthest Holly has ever run 🙂

This week I am going to rework my training schedule, I have found trying to run 5 days a week quite tiring…..

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