It’s starting to feel a bit like Autumn….

I managed to get out for a lovely 11 mile run with Millie yesterday in spite of having a sore throat and streaming nose…. I took it gently, stopped to chat to dog walkers and take a few photographs.

It is definitely starting to look a bit like Autumn, the blackberries are ripening and most of the harvesting has been done around here although the fields haven’t yet been ploughed. It was quite nice to find that the bull had been moved from the field he was in last week. I always feel a bit nervous running through there when I know he is about !

This is the longest run so far that Millie has done with me and judging by her behaviour for the rest of the day it didn’t tire her out…. I have gradually been increasing the distance that she runs with me. She always tears on ahead and waits for me with a look on her face that seems to say “come on, what’s keeping you !” Sometimes she picks up the scent of something and goes to investigate but doesn’t stray far… she then races along to overtake me again.

I’m not sure how far she would run; I know the working cocker spaniels can be outside running around all day so I guess her breeding gives her quite a bit of stamina.

I never get tired of the views around here and often stop at the same spots to take photographs. Every day it looks a bit different influenced by the time of year, weather and time of day…. This is a photograph of my favourite bit of the run yesterday, it really does feel as though you are running on top of the world…

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