Just one person….

This isn’t a running related post but something that has really made me think…

Quite often in life we see things that are wrong, or that we disagree strongly with but end up doing nothing about because, after all, what difference can one person make.

A 14 year old girl in Pakistan has shown us how wrong we all are. Malala wrote a blog about life under the Taliban. Just one voice.

The Taliban saw her as such a threat that they have tried to murder her; all she wanted was for girls to be able to go to school and she was strong enough to stand up and say so.

What do we do when we see something that we know is wrong ? We turn away, pretend we haven’t seen it and pretend it hasn’t happened.

I wonder what would happen in the world if we ALL stood up for what was right, between us could we make a difference ? I really believe that we could but we all end up thinking that as individuals what we do won’t make a difference.

Malala has just proved us all wrong.

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