Last League Race…..

Well, Sunday was the last Fun Run League race of the year…. I decided to run the 5 miles over the Downs to the race, run the race…. and then run home again to make sure that I get a good long run in.

I did have the option of a lift home lined up just in case the weather turned particularly bad or I just felt too tired but I didn’t race flat out and felt good for the run home. One of the other members of our Tuesday night running group also ran home with us and it is surprising how quickly the time and miles go when you chat !
I’m not sure how much running I will do this week, I have the Great South Run on Sunday so I should be taking it a bit easy…… But I also know I haven’t done the training I had planned (man-flu) so I may very well not achieve my target time so I may train a bit harder this week so I am in a better place for my next half marathon.
Anyway, this is a photo of me at the finish of Sundays race, I did have enough left for a sprint finish !


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