Last weekend…

Well, last weekend was another long run, just over 16 miles and I was quite pleased to complete it in 2:47… If I can keep this pace up then I *might* be able to run the marathon in 4:30…..

I have started practicing the mental element of the running as well. I know there will be parts that I find difficult, especially the section running along to the power station and then turning round and running back to the pier. I also know that I find it difficult when I can see my destination miles and miles before I get there and it just doesn’t seem to get any closer..

So, I have mapped out some out and back routes so I get used to having to turn round and head back… and some routes where I can see the turning point and/or finish point miles before I get there..

I am also running these on my own, without music / talking books / radio etc  so that I get used to running like this. I will be running the marathon on my own (even if I’m surrounded by a few thousand people) so I need to get used to pushing on when I would quite like to stop for a bit !

I have also been working on my re-fuelling whilst running and have worked out quite how early I need to start the re-fuelling. I can now eat and drink from a bottle whilst running, something I didn’t think I would be able to master a few weeks ago !

All I need to do now is keep the miles up. I’m running a half marathon on Sunday and then I’m away for a week with work, I won’t have the opportunity to run so I’m looking at it as a rest week with lots of stretching and some strength exercises (all easy enough to do in a hotel room !).

Anyway, this is a photo from last weekends run… I must admit it is quite handy having a camera on my phone !

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