Life, the universe and everything…..

Well, the last week (and this one) has been very hectic with work meaning that I haven’t been out running quite as much as I would like…

Sometimes though a break is good… It has certainly given me time to look back and think a bit.

I was listening to some of the Olympic coverage and heard a previous medal winner describe how he felt when he realised he had won…. It was exactly the same as I felt when I crossed the finish line of the marathon this year, it made me realise that it doesn’t matter what your ultimate goal is, the feelings when you achieve it are the same. I certainly wasn’t anywhere near the first person to cross the line and I know I never will be, but we all have our own goals and ambitions.

I then started thinking about how I have changed since I started running and I have changed. It’s not just losing the weight but my whole mental attitude has changed. Being fitter has made work easier ( I have perfected my climbing out of windows on to a roof technique ! ) and I’m no where near as tired all the time as I used to be.

I also know that the apart from any unforeseen accidents or injuries the only thing stopping me from achieving anything I want is me… I just have to want to do it enough !

There has been a knock on effect on the people close to me. By changing my diet I have also changed that of my family (anyone else want to do the cooking ??? ) and both my husband and children have also started running, hopefully this will mean they all have healthier lives and will reduce the risk of illnesses that lack of exercise and ending overweight can bring.

By running more I have ended up drinking less alcohol and this helps save money as well as being better for me so all in all what started as a short term thing that I hated doing but did to help shift a few pounds has turned in to something I love doing that has had some really positive effects on me and my family.

Anyway, this week I managed to get out for a 10 mile run along the river. One short stop to help reunite a lost dog with its owners ( did I mention that carrying a mobile is a good idea ??) and also stopped to take a few photos of the flowers, it looks really lovely with all the colour around at the moment. This week is another busy one so I will have to see what running I can fit in 🙂

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