Lots to learn !

Last weekend was my first two days training for my Coach in a Running Fitness qualification… this is quite a step up from the Leader in Running Fitness course that I did in March and goes in to an awful lot more detail about the technical model of running as well as learning how to coach.

I now have my homework to go and complete as well as making a start on my coaching diary before my next training day in December. After that I then have a sixteen week supported practice period and then both written and practical exams (after my training diary has been assessed).

I think I’m only just realising quite how much work goes in to this. As well as the planning aspect I’m busy learning more about nutrition and energy systems as well as the biomechanics of running.

I now have the “curse”; I can’t pass another runner without assessing their technique in my head !

This has been fascinating so far and made me assess my own running technique (I need to be able to demonstrate the “proper” way!). It has also made me look at the coaching techniques that I use with the existing group that I run as well as looking at each individual’s ability and where they fit on the “Athlete Pathway”.

As far as actual running is concerned I have been out and doing some ! I still have a slightly sore Achilles after the Great South Run so I have been doing some specific exercises for it… I have also been back out over the Downs in the mud and rain with the dogs 🙂 I really love running off road, the speed doesn’t really matter, it is just the feeling of running through the woods and fields and when you get to the top you really feel as though you are on top of the world.

On the downside I’ve managed to lose my head torch somewhere so last nights run through the woods in the dark was a bit dodgy…… I keep hoping it will turn up somewhere but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy another one…

Anyway, this is what it looked like once the rain had cleared earlier today…

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