Meet Millie

I would like to introduce Millie, she will be coming home with us on the 5th August and when she is old enough she will be coming out running with me 🙂

We have spent months considering if we should get a dog. As well as the general looking after it considerations we also have a daughter who is asthmatic and allergic to dogs.

What I didn’t realise is that you can be allergic to different breeds of dog in different ways. Millie is a rather gorgeous chocolate Cockapoo. Her mum is a working gun dog and her dad an apricot poodle.

Before looking for a dog Holly spent some time with a friends Cockapoo to make sure it didn’t trigger her asthma, even though she doesn’t live at home anymore I don’t want us having a dog to make it difficult for her to pop round…

Anyway, I’m now busy looking at dog beds, bowls, leads etc and getting just a bit excited !

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