My next challenge….

They always say that you shouldn’t enter your next marathon until your body has forgotten the last one…

It is now over a year since I ran may last marathon (Steyning Stinger 2015) and my body has well and truly forgotten it… So much so that it now thinks it is invincible and has talked my mind in to believing that I can run an Ultra ! So, I’ve entered the Downlink Ultra on the 2nd October this year. It is “only” 38 miles (yes, that is 12 miles longer than a marathon and almost the same as running 3 half marathons back to back…)

This means I need to do quite a bit more running.

I had cut back on the running a bit while I increased my swimming so I now need to build it back up. I have been looking at my diary trying to work out where I can fit more running in so the early morning runs are back twice a week and Wednesday nights I will either be running to the Radio club (and hitching a lift home) or running to Henfield and back to coach them on the nights that I need to be coaching them.

So, my training diary will look a bit like this :

Monday – Early Run (short & slow)
Tuesday – Early Swim & Afternoon/Evening Run
Wednesday – Evening Run (8-12 miles)
Thursday – Early Run (short 2-4 miles) & afternoon swim
Friday – Evening Run (6-8 miles)
Saturday / Sunday – Long Run (13-24 miles)

This does still give me one days rest a week 🙂

I’m currently running 20-25 miles per week and will be gradually increasing this to 40-50 miles over the next 6-8 weeks.

Do you ever have the feeling this could get interesting ??

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