My thought process during last weekends race….

Before the start – “Right, I know my pace, I know I can do the distance….. But boy isn’t it crowded here…. I wonder how long it will take me to cross the start line… Should I have worn a shorts ? Should I have had a bit more to drink ? Should I have bought some water with me ? I wonder how warm this is going to get……

Miles 0 – 1 – “we’re off ! Well, at least the walk to the start, does this count as a warm up ? It’s still pretty crowded here… Hope I don’t trip over anyone…. Why is the first mile so narrow…. I wonder when the front runners will come back past… Can I keep this pace up ?”

Miles 1-2 – “why is it still so crowded ? All I want is a little bit of space…I know I’m warmed up… Can I go just a bit faster ??”

Miles 2-3 – ” right, I can see the half way point in the distance… I wonder if it is the theory of relativity in that the faster you run the slower you seem to cover a mile… The sun is lovely, but it’s getting a bit warm… I wonder if my mascara is starting to run….”

Miles 3-4 -” ok, over half way now, why did I think this race was a good idea ?? I could be having a nice easy run over the downs, no crowds of other runners, a gentle breeze and great views…. Or I could still be in bed, yes, that’s it, on a Sunday morning I should still be in bed”

Miles 4-5 -” right, that’s it, I’m never running this race again. Why I ever thought it would be a good idea I don’t know. I can see the pier, it’s near the finish, but it isn’t getting any closer…. Can I keep this pace up ? The faster I run the sooner it will be over….I hate running on roads. It is all too flat, hills are nice, you get a breather downhill… This is all too……. constant……. And I’m expected to run the whole thing ! There are people watching, and cheering, so I can’t walk a bit… Of god, why did I ever take up running !”

Miles 5-6 – ” I think I’m going to be sick. Think breathing, concentrate on the breathing, don’t think about being sick…. Look at the sea, it’s all….. blue…. And sea like….. and the pier is getting a bit closer…. Just don’t think about being sick…”

Miles 6-6.2 – ” I can see the finish ! Can I push just that little bit harder… A few sounds may make a difference…. Of god, I really feel sick now……deep breath, concentrate, yay, it’s over !”

10 minutes later….. Great ! A new PB ! What a wonderful race…. If I train a bit harder I wonder what time I can get next year…… I wonder if I’m going to look as though I wanted to throw up in the photos…..

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