New Gadget !

Like a lot of people I took up running to lose weight, and I have…. but I have also become a lot more interested in my general health and nutrition over the last year. Trying to work out how many calories I should be eating, what proportion should be carbohydrates etc…

I am also quite interested in what proportion of me is fat. I must admit that this is a lot lower than it was a year ago !

So, I have bought myself some new scales. Not just any scales, but “Body Composition Monitor” scales. These don’t just weigh you, they will give you your fat percentage, tell you how well (or not) you are hydrated, they measure your visceral fat (the dangerous bit) and tell you how many calories you need every day.

I have only just started using them and I’m not exactly ready to post the readings here ! they were easy to setup, you can set them up for four different people to use, and they are quite easy to use.

All I need now is to have a pen and paper handy when I weigh myself to write the results down. I then plan to keep track of these in a spreadsheet and see how they change as I train for the marathon…

Anyway, this is a photo of the scales (complete with my reflection in them whilst taking the photo)….

If you are interested then you can find more about them (or buy them for yourself) by clicking on this image.

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