Race for Life – Worthing

Yesterday was the Worthing Race for Life. As I’m sure everyone knows this is one of Cancer Research’s main fund raising events during the year. It is also a great event for women to run if you are just getting in to running. It is only 5k and you can run, jog or walk and there are plenty of people in the jog and walk bits so you will never feel as though you are on your own !

The Race for Life is the event that I trained for when I first started running so I guess I have a sentimental attachment to the race. I started running at the end of April for the Race for Life in July 2010. It was the first running race I ever took part in and the first medal that I ever received. I have run a Race for Life each year since. Sometimes I race them and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I run them with friends or members of the running club to encourage them round, it isn’t a super competitive event, it is just the taking part and doing that counts.

Yesterday I was a bit short for time so I did need to run. The race was due to start at 11am and I was due to attend my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary at 12:30…… I had my change of clothes in the car and a “plan”. This is also the first time for a long time that I have run a 5k, it isn’t my favourite distance, if I’m honest it seems too fast and I finish it feeling really sick. Yesterday was a lovely hot, sunny day; ideal for spectators but never my favourite conditions to run it. Luckily because it was along the seafront there was a slight breeze…. This did help a bit ( I was ย wearing fairy wings and a tutu…)

Anyway, I managed to complete it in 24:21 ( a new PB) I was in the top 20 finishers and was the first “fairy” to cross the line ๐Ÿ™‚


This is the “before photo” (I’m on the far left) with some of the other runners from Steyning. Afterwards I had to dash back to the car to change… I had parked quite close to the swimming pool and when I popped in there the lovely girl on reception let me use their changing facilities ๐Ÿ™‚ This did give me the chance to cool down, change somewhere with a bit more space and make myself look presentable ! The alternative would have been to trip off in the car park, something that does happen quite often at races but I’m not sure that Worthing Town Centre would have been quite the same ๐Ÿ˜‰

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