Run Every Day

Well, I only have another three days left of my “Run Every Day” challenge that I set myself for February. Although I run quite a few times each week it has taken a bit of getting used to running every day and as a coach this isn’t the sort of thing I would normally recommend.

To try and make sure I didn’t just end up injured I have been mixing my running up a bit and have done far more road running in the last month than I had done in the previous year. ┬áThe shortest run I’ve done is 1.8 miles and the longest is 9 miles with my long runs all off road. I have run in torrential rain, gale force winds, ice and sunshine. Sometimes the hardest part was just to get my trainers on and get out there but that has got easier as the month has gone on.

I think that some adaptations must have occurred because the last few days have felt really good and have been faster as well.

I don’t know if I will continue running every day. I know some days in March it will be a bit difficult because of work… but at the same time part of me wants to. I find running very therapeutic and now we are getting lighter evenings it will be easier to do more off road….

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