Running along the River Adur

Well, todays run was the third that I have tried keeping my HR at 70% of my max… for me this magic number is 146 and I feel that it has been tattooed in to my brain ! I kept looking at my watch to make sure I was below this magic number… I have to say that I am beginning to feel the difference and spot when it is going up too high, a glance at my watch normally confirms it and I slow down a bit..

Todays run was a bit shorter than my normal LSR distance, I’m planning on racing next Saturday and need to feel fresh for it. I’m also planning a few early night this week to make sure I get at least eight hours sleep (I normally have all the good intentions and then it goes out the windows) and apart from anything I drink this evening the rest of the week will be alcohol free.

I have grown to really enjoy running along the river, it is quite different from the Downs but if you run North up the river you are away from roads and there are some wonderful views towards Truleigh Hill. I have taken a few photos on my Iphone so I will post them later…

The route I run is relatively flat with a few minor hills so it is great for me at the moment trying to maintain a constant heart rate. I also just love looking at all the different birds around, I don’t know what many of them are but I saw quite a few bird watchers on the river banks today.

After running up the river I pick up the Downs Link, this follows part of the old railway track and again is very scenic. I am planning to walk this route one day with my cameras and do a bit more “serious” photography… I just don’t fancy running carrying all the kit I normally work with !

Anyway, this is the route…..

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