Running in shorts is not always wise !

Well, in between work and looking after (playing with) Millie I have been out running, I just haven’t had the time to update my blog quite as much as I would have liked….
Last week I ran a route I haven’t been along for awhile, last time it was knee deep in water and with the ongoing rain I thought it may all still be a bit soggy.
But, I went out on a lovely evening, hoping I may see the barn owl that lives in the area. The route I run up the Adur isn’t as popular with people as the southern section and I think less people have been that way since the heavy rain for the same reason as me. The river bank path was knee high in grass, not too much of a problem but it does slow you down a bit… The bit that was a problem was when I turned inland. The path was almost completely overgrown with a mix of cow parsley, brambles and nettles and I was in shorts !
The other thing that was missing from this area are all the rabbits that used to be here, they used to keep the paths quite well trimmed and you would see loads of them out early evening but the were all gone. I wonder if their burrows were flooded and they all moved to higher/less flooded ground.
Anyway, seeing as I didn’t have a machete with me I did a strange mix of running, hopping and a kind of skipping over the brambles and nettles, as well as stopping at times to see if there was an easier way through….at the end of it I was wishing I had worn some longer trousers…
Anyway, these are a couple of photos from that run..

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