Running in the dark….

I went for an interesting run last night, in the dark, rain and fog over the Downs…. It wasn’t that cold but it was pretty muddy in places ! The run was partly to test quite how good my head torch is and also to try eating Clif Shotbloks whilst running.

I have tried different gels, jelly babies etc whilst running but I’m still trying to find something that I get on with. I find most gels a bit strange in that they seem to stick to the inside of your mouth… And I don’t get on with chewing jelly babies (or jelly beans) whilst running. Shotbloks seem like a good compromise…

Anyway, back to the run…. We didn’t see another person whilst on the Downs, not surprising really ! We did however scare several pheasants and other birds.

On the last downhill section they have cattle grazing as part of a downland scheme; this means that the paths have been really churned up and were incredibly muddy. We did walk part of this section, a mixture of mud, rain and chalk is not good to run on especially without spikes… I still ended up on my bum in the mud at one point, no serious damage done though !

Anyway, this is a photo of me, complete with head torch in the dark. The photo was taken on an iPhone and the only light available was from our head torches 🙂

Would I do it again ? Yes 🙂

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