Running through the mist

Last night I ran a route that I haven’t run for quite a long time… The last time was on the 15th March…..

The route is over the South Downs and yesterday much of it was shrouded in mist. Running through mist like this is quite eerie at times, it deadens sound and visibility is limited to a few meters. You can also feel it on your skin and it has a very gentle cooling effect that was rather welcome yesterday. Although the temperature has dropped a bit from the weekend it is still quite warm and really quite nice to run through.

This particular route includes a couple of killer hills, they haven’t actually killed me yet but sometimes it does feel like it ! This route is going to be one of my regular ones while I’m training for the next half marathon, I have a feeling the hill profile is similar…. Even some of the downhill sections are so steep I have trouble even maintaing a jog going down and last night ended up walking sections of the downhill because the chalk was wet and very slippery…

It was a good run though, you know how you have some runs where everything just seems to come together, yesterday evening was one of those 🙂

I still have a bit of a twinge in the back of my leg but neither last nights run or the half marathon at the weekend have made it worse so I’ll carry on running for now..

So, yesterday evenings run was a total of 8.3 miles in 1:35, my previous best time for this route was 1:55 and the last time I ran this route in March it took me 2:05 so I think it is fair to say I have improved a bit 🙂

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