Size 10 Jeans

I have just been out and bought myself some size 10 jeans. And they fit.

When I started running I was a size 14 and my clothes felt tight on me…… When I first started running I also changed my diet a bit and cut down on the snacking.

Now I eat more or less what I want but I do try and avoid anything processed and keep to a fairly healthy menu 🙂 I still eat chocolate, I still have a few glasses of wine, although that is just about my limit ! I weigh myself regularly, not to see how much I’m losing but to make sure my weight is stable. I have got to a point that I feel is a healthy weight for me. If I start to lose weight I increase slightly what I eat and if I start to gain weight I cut down slightly.

The amount of running I am currently doing is equal to about 3000 calories per week so I know if I stop running I’ll have to cut down on what I eat.

The challenge for me now is to stay the size I am….. I have not been a size 10 since I was about 15. For years I was a size 12, then I had children…. And for most of the time since then I have been a 14. I have tried all sorts of diets but never managed to keep the weight off… I have tried the gym and personal trainers… But none of it has shifted the inches in the way that running has.

I feel I have finally found something that works for me and that I can stick at.

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