Sport Relief Swimathon 2016

Last Friday night I completed the Swimathon !

I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I felt beforehand. I had everyone telling me that I would be fine but there were just so many things I wasn’t sure about… the furthest I had ever swam without any float beforehand was 40 lengths… and I had to swim 60… I was worried how long it would take me… I was worried that I would hold everyone else up by being slow…. I was worried that I would get really bad cramp in my legs again… Yes, I was just generally worried !

however on the night everything just started to fall in to place. There was a children’s swim party in the pool before us so they had left the floor raised up. This meant that I knew I could touch the floor at any point if I really needed to (as it turned out I didn’t – apart from at the ends of the pool 🙂 ) I also ended up in a lane on my own away from the fast swimmers so I didn’t have to worry about anyone else wanting to pass me or the “wash” from the faster swimmers.

In the end I completed the swim in 1hr 2mins and 19secs 🙂 I was really pleased with that because I thought it would take me closer to 1 1/2 hrs !

I do need to say a big thank you to Andrea, the swim teacher at Steyning, I really couldn’t have done it without you and to al the staff there who have given me so much encouragement over the last few months while I have been learning to swim. It really does make a difference 🙂


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