Well, I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get some structure in to my running…. Please note the word trying.

I know that if I want to race faster I need to run faster. That, dear friends, is the root of the issue…. I actually don’t like running so fast it makes me want to throw up, I don’t like the lung burning feeling that I get and the pink “blob” loom at the end is quite unattractive; but it needs to be done.

Also, because of my workload and the number of evenings I’m working at the moment I have switched most of my running to the early mornings. I’m not naturally a morning person and in general I’m not pleasant to know until at least after the first cup of coffee so getting myself straight out of bed, into running gear and running intervals has proved somewhat challenging but I have been doing it. I’m using my heart rate to judge effort so if I am particularly tired and my heart rate is unusually high for the speed I’m running at then I have switched the session to a general tempo session.

I think it is beginning to work, my slow running pace is gradually getting a bit faster for the same amount of effort but my real goals are two particular races towards the end of the year where I will see if a few months of effort have paid off.

I have also started to up the distance of my long run after cutting right back after the marathon, I need to be running 13 miles at least once a fortnight to keep my legs used to the distance and (hopefully) make it easier to run the autumn half marathon a bit faster, it would be fabulous if I could get a PB !

The other thing I haven’t done much about is my weight…. I have still been eating the chocolate and buns and know that they now have to go, I don’t have too much to shift but have been a bit lax about what I’ve been eating 😉

So, quite a bit of running going on, I just wish we could lose these strong winds and have some nice gentle summer breezes 🙂

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