Summer is here !

Well, it looks like summer has finally arrived….

The memories of the dark, cold, wet runs in the sleet and snow are fading and instead I’m trying to get out early morning or late evening when it is a bit cooler…

Last week seemed to be dominated by running:

Monday evening I had arranged a trainer fitting evening over at Nick Rivett sport in Hove for the beginners group.

Tuesday evening was the beginners running group (I did fit in a sneaky 4 miles before breakfast as well)

Wednesday evening I was a marshal for the Round Hill Romp – I was right on the top of the South Downs Way with wonderful views. The weather couldn’t have been better for running !

Thursday evening was our club training session… I managed to run my fastest ever mile at 7:18 so maybe the training and diet are starting to have an effect !

Friday – well Friday night I went to the pub 🙂

I have been keeping my long runs a bit shorter recently (8-10 miles) but I’m planning on increasing the mileage again at the end of July before my next 10 mile and half marathons in October and November.

On Sunday I’m running the Race for Life in Worthing with some of the ladies from the beginners group. It does feel strange to think it is only 3 years since I first ran that event and at the time it was the furthest I have ever run. I had no idea when I ran that race that three years later I would have run 2 marathons and be leading a running group. If you had even suggested the idea I would have said you were crazy !

I sometimes think it is strange how life works out and that perhaps none of us really know what is in store for us or what we will do along the way 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would post a couple of photos from the Round Hill Romp. One is a panorama from my marshalling point and the other was the first runner coming through…. and he was fast !!

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