Sunday’s Half Marathon

Well, what can I say about Sunday…. Luckily the wind had dropped a bit and the sun was shining, but boy it was hilly !

It also looks like the shortest half marathon I have ever run…… chatting to the people I was running with and comparing our Garmin data afterwards it has come up short for everyone; I haven’t heard back from the organisers yet but it looks at least half a mile short…. Of course there may be some logical explanation regarding the way Garmins calculate distance with hills but I’m not sure it would make that much difference… We will just have to wait and see.

I think I can honestly say that was the hilliest race I have ever run, the views from the top were amazing but none of it was flat ! One slight down point was the length of time that we had to queue to get through some of the gates and over some of the stiles, especially in the first few miles before people had spread out a bit.

Overall I was quite happy with my time, I had been aiming for between 2 hrs and 2:30 so coming in at 2:20 was ok considering the lack of training I put in for this one !

This is a photo from the start… It doesn’t really give justice to the steepness of the hill….

But the medals were good !

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