That was a hot one !

I have to be honest I really struggled at times during today’s race. It was in central London in 28 degrees. Last week it was still winter here; too cold to sit outside in the evenings, then, within a week, it is like the height of summer !

I knew quite early on that I wasn’t going to get a PB or even match last years time so I just settled down to enjoy the race 🙂

This meant that I got to spot some of the London landmarks that I missed last year, like Nelsons column, Mansion House and the Bank of England…. It also meant that as I was running back down the Mall towards the finish I was joining in the with arm movements to YMCA that was blaring out of the speakers ! So, time wise it was my worst 10k for about 18 months (official times not available yet but my watch said 60 mins) but I enjoyed myself 🙂

It was also great seeing Mo Farah as he ran past in the opposite direction, those guys are FAST !

I really must put together a training plan for the next few months to improve my 10k time, I would like to get it under 50 mins by the end of this year…

Anyway, this is me after I had cooled down a bit (honest !) and Buckingham Palace in the sunshine… Seems like a world away from where I live, not sure that I could ever get used to the crowds….

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