The future….

This year has certainly been an odd year. I think it’s fair to say that none of us know what the future holds. I don’t want to feel like my life is on hold while this virus takes its course so I’ve been thinking about what I can do and achieve during this time.

So, I’ve signed up to start studying for a BSc(Hons) in Environmental Science with the Open University. I didn’t go to university when I was younger, I think I was just in the wrong place in my life and I wouldn’t have put the effort in. Fast forward many years and for me I think this is now the right time.

BSc(Hons) Environmental Science

I’ve chosen Environmental Science primarily because it is something I’m really interested in. I think sustainability will become more and more important over time and learning more about it, our own carbon footprints, and the way we work with the environment all over the world is actually quite important.

Studying part-time it will take me 6 years to complete the degree so I should finish it before I’m 60 !! I did question myself about “is it worth it at my age” but age is a number and doesn’t have a lot of relationship with what you can achieve.

With my running I’ve entered lots of events that “women my age” don’t normally do but I want to be the crazy old lady in the nursing home with the stories to tell.

I don’t know where the future will take me but if I don’t do this I think I’ll be missing an opportunity, I’d rather give it a go than say to myself “I wish I had”. Anyway, no doubt I’ll post more about it as time goes on. It is a journey I’m quite excited about ????

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