The long runs are starting to get, well, long !

After working all weekend it was good to get out yesterday for my long run 🙂 this week it was 16 rather hilly, muddy miles. At times I did wonder if running a marathon was such a good idea knowing that from here on in the mileage is only going to go up !

It was quite cold, with ice on the puddles and quite a bit of frost on the grass. This did mean that some of the mud wasn’t quite as squidgey as it has been…. but I was glad I had decided to wear hat and gloves.

Just as I got to the top of the Downs the mist started to clear and the views were amazing, it reminds me why I like running on the Downs 🙂 when I was out of the wind it was quite warm…. But the last section did mean I was running in to a northerly wind and you could feel the chill that came with it.

I also tried to make sure that I had some energy gels at regular intervals as well as making sure that I kept drinking…but not too much too soon to make sure that I didn’t run out of water, the downside of where I run is that there isn’t always anywhere to top up a water bottle !

Anyway, this is one of the photos from yesterday’s run.

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