The only way is….

Well, I’ve started training but in a bit of a different way. My achilles is still not 100% after the Stinger so I’ve cut down on the running but increased the strength training.

The cricket field near us has some very useful bars that can be used to do chin ups etc so I thought I would add these in at the end of my normal run with the dogs; it isn’t much of a detour and I don’t have anything like it that I can use at home… I think it is fair to say that so far it has been a dismal failure ! I haven’t yet been able to do a single chin up so I need to improve my upper body strength and grip strength. What I am doing is just hanging there and lifting my legs up to 90 degrees; I’m trying to do this five times before dropping down for a break and then repeating. The aim is to build this up to 5 sets of 5…. I’m also doing 5 sets of 5 press ups each evening (full length ones rather than the ones from the knees that I have been doing..) This is all in addition to the weekly circuits session at the club and my running. This is “phase one”… in “phase two” things will get harder and I’ll progress to doing burpees rather than press ups… I’m also hoping to be able to put a rope up in one of our trees to practice rope climbs (I have NEVER successfully climbed a rope in my life !).

This shows a bit of what I have let myself in for….. You will note the vast number of 40+ year old women that take part….

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