The scales don’t lie….

Well, after my time away and generally having taken it easy after the marathon I thought it was about time I stood on the scales….. Funny, but breathing in doesn’t make you weigh less ! Neither does trying to pull everything in or blame it on the mouthful of coffee just before standing on the scales.

The truth is I have put on weight. I don’t know why that was a surprise, it really shouldn’t have been. I have been “recovering” from the marathon on a diet that consisted of buns mid morning…. And a bit more with a meal to “make up” for the energy lost during the marathon. Throw in to the mix a lack of running and I think you can see as well as I can where the extra weight has come from.

So, I’m now getting back in to a routine of running 4 times a week, cutting out the mid morning buns…. cutting down on the alcohol and eating a bit more healthily.

So, two photos for this blog post…. The first is my favourite sort of bun (yes, you can see where the weight gain has come from !)

And the second from a lovely evening run over the South Downs….

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