“Thin” places

Have you ever experienced a place and moment in time that just felt so perfect that, just for those moments, nothing else mattered ? I’ve heard these places described as “thin” places – where the spiritual meets the mortal and you feel that you can reach out and touch something magical.

I find these places whilst running and there is one place in particular that I know I can go to and nothing else on this planet matters. I’ve also found them whilst walking long distances. They are normally places free of the everyday “clutter” that fills our minds and our lives. I’m now starting to find new “thin” places on canals……

It is hard to describe the feeling they give you but if life were to end at that moment it wouldn’t really matter because you have just experienced the most perfect moment in place and time.

I’m not sure if this will make sense to you, hopefully it will, but this photo is from a new “thin” place that I’ve found.

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