Time for a Move

Penns House
Penns House

We had always said that when the children left home so would we ! So for us this is an opportunity to find a smaller house (I’ve never liked housework !!) with more land. There are lots of things I’d like to do with some land the first of which is to build a custom studio 🙂 …. Both children have moved out (we now have grand children as well) so we still need accommodation but I want it to be fun accommodation (more on that later 😉 ) So, the house is on the market and we are busy planning our next adventure in life.

Where are we moving to ?

Living where we do in Steyning we have been spoiled with our easy access to open countryside and I wouldn’t ever want to lose this. Finding the right house with some land is going to be a bit of a challenge….. This means we could be “between houses” for a while and I don’t really want to move in to temporary rented accommodation. I think if we did that and didn’t like it I would feel more pressure to compromise on our future home. So, I have a cunning plan !

As many of you know I’m a great lover of the countryside and spend a lot of my time (Phill may say too much of my time!) out running on the trails round here. I think we live in a really beautiful country and I want to spend time travelling it and exploring it……

So, while we are looking for the “right” place it seems the perfect opportunity to do something we have both been talking about for quite a while and that is to explore our canals and waterways on a narrowboat ! This means I can tour round the country whilst continuing to work as a photographer combining two things that I love doing. (Boudoir on a Boat ???)

It is quite exciting planning all the places that I would like to visit; with a canal boat you can get in to central London, Birmingham or Leeds as well as explore hundreds of miles of open countryside away from roads ! It is this chance to spend some time really exploring the country that I’m looking forward to (and yes, I’ve already bought a map of the whole canal system 🙂 ).

What this does mean is that I need to start a serious decluttering exercise; it is amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate over 27 years so look out for some photographic bargains !

I will be blogging about this more as our plans progress (we need to find a buyer for our house first) but if you want to keep up to date with how things are going (and be the first to see the photography bargains) then please subscribe to this blog !

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