Over the last few months I have been feeling increasingly tired, not just after running but in general. Early nights didn’t seem to make much difference. I have just about cut out alcohol, made sure I am eating enough, drinking plenty of water etc but still felt tired.

I even cut back the miles I was running to see if that made much of a difference but it didn’t.

I ended up keeping a food diary and using some software to analyse what I was eating and found out that although what I am eating is relatively healthy and providing the right mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein it was not providing nearly enough Iron (only about 10% of the RDA).

So, I have started taking a daily multivitamin tablet with Iron that should provide me with my RDA not just of Iron but a whole host of other vitamins and minerals.

I have been taking them for about a week now and havent felt as tired as I have been feeling… I also don’t feel quite as cold all the time as I have been feeling (despite the rather wintry summer weather !)

So, I’ll keep taking the tablets and rattle round my runs 🙂

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