What can I say… it is about time I started training for my next half marathon (it is on 1st May !!!) but I have been trying to get over a leg problem. I’m not quite sure what I have done to it… it might be the way that I only breath on one side when I’m swimming or I might have done something to it running but either way it has been hurting.

So, I have been following the advice that I would give to other people and cut back on my mileage, using a foam roller and lots of stretching. I *think* it may be related to my IT band (I also have a bit of a niggle in a hip and have had IT problems before) so I kind of know what I *should* do… and that is the problem. Whilst we know what we should do the actual doing of it is the hard bit… and then you get the voice in the back of your head that says “Don’t worry, it may get better on its own, you should be able to run through it” but I have learnt through experience that this voice really does need to shut up and listen because in general unless a specific event has happened to make something hurt i.e. a fall then you need to work out what has caused the pain and try and do something about it. It won’t just magically go away on its own !

So here I am, looking at doing another half marathon without the amount of training I would ideally like to have done. I know I will do it, and it won’t be too bad a time but it just isn’t what I had planned to do so I think I will change my plan completely and instead of racing it (realistically if I try I’ll just be disappointed !) I’ll use it as a training run, run with more weight and also support one of the other runners from the club. Hopefully this will turn something a bit negative in to something a lot more positive ! So if anyone else is running the Three Forts Half and would like to aim for a 2:30 time then you are more than welcome to join me !

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