Well that is it for March !

I’ve just got back from my final run of March, a training session with Steyning AC and the first off road session I have done with them. It was also my third day of running in a row this week so I knew I would find this evening hard… I am now having two days off before my long run on Sunday. I’m hoping the weather improves a bit between now and then.

So, during March I ran a grand total of 117.05 miles, compared to February in which I ran 84.36 miles. I wonder what April will bring…. Hopefully some sunshine so we can make the most of the lighter evenings.

As you can see from earlier postings I have started running with a Garmin GPS watch, in spite of everything I have said previously this does feel a little easier that having a phone strapped to my arm although on my long runs that I do on my own I will still be using the runmeter app on the iPhone because it emails updates to Phill. The difference is that I will leave the phone in my bum bag rather than attached to my arm.

I have also used the heart monitor for a couple of my runs this week. It was more comfortable that I thought it would be and it was interesting to see the differences in my heart rate. I’m planning on using it on my long run on Sunday. I’m also planning on putting it on Phill when he next goes running to see what his heart rate is 🙂

Anyway, I’m off for an early night !

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