Wet & Windy..

I know it is July but todays run was so wet & windy with sideways rain that stung when it hit you r skin. I think it has got to be one of the wettest runs I have had for a long time… When I got home I was soaked through to the skin and dripping wet..

Todays run was a total of 13.65 miles, the details are posted below. Not the fastest I have ever run parts of this route and I did take a slightly different way home to avoid the part of the river bank that is totally overgrown.

Even though the weather was atrocious there is something therapeutic about running in weather like this. Firstly you don’t see anyone, well I saw one other person at Cissbury Ring until I reached checkpoint 6 for Trailwalker UK (I didn’t see any walkers though!) From the setup at the checkpoint with large army tents, medical people and army catering it looked as though they were expecting a fair few people.

Although the weather was bad it wasn’t that cold, the visibility was very bad but I do know the route quite well so wasn’t really worried about getting lost.

I did feel sorry for the smaller birds, every time they tried flying they just went sideways !

Anyway, this weeks total is 30.21 miles…. and I now have 5 week until my next half marathon….

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