1,011 miles….

Well, I have broken the thousand miles mark today. To be precise I have now run a total of 1,011.13 miles so far this year, and there are still a couple of months left in the year !

So, that is approx 101,100 calories, or, to look at it another way 401 jam doughnuts. That is a lot of doughnuts…..

I thought it would be fun to work out how many of a few other things it equates to…

2,247 Jaffa Cakes
555 pints of beer
1,108 glasses of champagne
594 Cadburys creme eggs…

Have I eaten or drunk all of these ? No, I’ve had some of each…. But obviously less than the quantities here because over this year I have still lost weight..

There is something about running that doesn’t mix well with a hangover….. And something about running that does kind of encourage you to eat a bit more healthily….

Anyway, this photo was taken on today’s run at the thousand mile mark. I stopped for a moment and thought about how far that thousand miles has been… and wonder what the next thousand miles holds…

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