Road ID

I’ve recently bought myself a road ID wrist band. The idea is that you have your name, emergency contact numbers and other info engraved on it. Then, if anything happens to you, people know who you are and how to contact your family. You can also have important medical info on it….

Why have I bought one ? Well, I do a lot of running on my own. Yes, I normally carry my phone but if anything does happen to me (trip over a tree root etc) then it will hopefully make it a bit easier for anyone that stops to help.

The website has lots of useful info to help you order the right size etc. This is a photo of my Road ID 🙂

As you can see it is quite bright, you’ll have to excuse the angle but I didn’t want to publish all my personal details on the Internet 🙂

I’ve also been doing some thinking about the race I was meant to be doing on Sunday. I won’t be running it. There are a few reasons for this and to be honest I don’t think my heart has ever been in this one.

Instead I will be going for a long run on my own, something that I really enjoy doing 🙂 and something that fits in with my training plan for my next half marathon…. After this weekend I only have one more long run scheduled before my next half marathon, so to skip Sundays long run for a short race does seem a bit daft. After all as I have been told the best training plan is the one that makes you feel prepared for the race. If I skip Sundays run then I won’t feel prepared and will start the HM mentally in the wrong place…..

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