A feeling of dejavu ??

Ever felt you have been somewhere before ??

Well, here I am again, with 4 weeks to go until the next half marathon wondering how I’m going to fit the running that I want to do to achieve my target with what looks like a busy time at work…..

I still feel as though my legs are still recovering from last weekend, although I did go out for a 10 mile run along the river with Holly today.

It is strange the things that I think about while I’m running to pass the time. I find myself having conversations with the sheep and cows in the fields, and, when I’m finding it tough I just count in my head. From 0 to 300 and then over again. I look at the scenery, other people out walking dogs and riding bikes… I really prefer it when I’m not running a long straight stretch where the path just seems endless…

But, at some point during the next 7 days I am going to hit the thousand mile mark for this year. That is quite a long way really, if you had told me a couple of years ago that I would run more than a thousand miles in a year I would have laughed. Inside I might have wished it could be true but I think I was always too scared to try, to worried about failing….

To a degree I am still worried about failing, I set myself different targets for each race and want to achieve them although funnily enough I’m not really disappointed if I don’t so long as I can see the reason why.

Now, the next dilemma… I had been planning on running a 5 mile race next weekend but, with the next half marathon I’m training for I really need to be running 11+ miles…. and with my work schedule I can’t fit a long run in any other day. Looking at the next few weeks ahead it is going to be difficult for me to fit in the long runs I need to do so, do I miss the long run and potentially miss my HM target, or do I run the shorter 5 mile race ? I guess I just need to think about what is more important to me…. and will I really curse myself if I think I miss my target through a lack of long runs and endurance….

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