2 weeks and counting

Well, my trainers are back draining in the sink before sitting in front of the AGA to dry out. Yes, it was muddy. Some of the puddles aren’t quite as deep but they have been replaced by that trainer grabbing mud…… I have found that in general running in the tractor tracks gives you a better surface for grip but just occasionally they hide muddy puddles that are a bit deeper than you are expecting, you know that lovely, milkshakes consistency mud that when your foot goes down deeper than you were expecting fills you trainers…. I had to spend a while with the nail brush scrubbing the mud out from under my toe nails after today’s run !

Today’s run is the furthest I have ever run, 13.47 miles in 2:44:03. If i can repeat this time for the half marathon I will be within my target time of 2:45 but I know the difference that the weather can make and I also know that it can be a difference of a few seconds per mile that makes the difference……

So, in total this week I have run 26.84 miles split over 4 runs as follows :

Mon – 2.45 miles
Tue – 5.47 miles
Fri – 5.46 miles
Sun – 13.47 miles

Next week is my last full week of training before the half marathon. With work commitments it is unlikely that I will be able to get out for a long cross country run so I am going to try and fit in two 5 mile runs and two 8 mile runs, this will give me another 26 mile week…..

One thing I also noticed this week was the bird song… Far more this week than last week and it looks as though some of the trees and shrubs are coming to life.. I even saw the first of the yellow gorse flowers this morning… I’m really looking forward to the nicer weather !

This is just a quick photo taken on my iPhone of some of the sheep I passed on my run today 🙂

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