3 weeks to go….

Well, with only 3 weeks to go I really do need to keep to my training schedule. This last week has gone quite well and I have managed a grand total of 26.41 miles made up of the following runs:

Mon – 4.75 miles
Wed – 8.16 miles
Fri – 2.75 miles
Sun – 10.75 miles

Today’s long run was cross country along the start of the HM route before heading over to Chanctonbury Ring, across to Cissbury Ring and then home.

The mud is the worst I have seen so far and made it quite difficult in places… And in some places the path was totally submerged in knee deep water…. Even if it stays dry for the next three weeks I can’t see the route drying out much, all the fields round here are totally saturated and it is still raining.

Once I got up on to the top of the Downs I realised how windy it was, I could feel myself being blown sideways running along the ridge at the top of Chanctonbury, it didn’t get much better running towards Cissbury, I was running directly in to the wind and the rain was stinging my face. I did however realise the benefits of wearing the right clothing for the conditions ! The Nike top that I have is superb, it is windproof and water resistant, it has a half zip at the front and is also breathable. This meant out of the wind and rain I could unzip it a bit so I didn’t overheat but running in to the wind and rain I had it zipped right up to the neck and it kept the wind off and I wasn’t aware of getting soaked by the rain ! It also has thumb holes in the sleeves and bits I can put my fingers in to keep them warm, for me this works far better than wearing gloves and keep taking them off when I get hot and putting them back on when I get colder ( normally running in to the wind and rain )

There is something quite exhilarating running in bad weather, maybe it is knowing that when I get home I will be in the warm.

This is the first cross country run I have done since new years day and I was pleased to knock about 8 mins off my time since I last ran this route, it must mean that the general road running I have been doing has made a difference. I have also now worked out that I need to carry about 500ml of drink with me for the HM. I know there are drinks stations and lots of people don’t carry anything with them but personally I think I would like to be able to drink when I want to and sip at it when I’m running rather than wait until a drinks station. Today I know I was a bit dehydrated when I started running, and still felt quite tired from a long day at work yesterday so I did take more drink with me than usual. The extra weight to start with is a bit annoying but I thought it was necessary.

If I can maintain today’s pace for the whole of the HM I should be able to do it in under my 2:45 target. I will be thrilled if that happens !

Anyway, next weeks goal is 27 miles……. And I want to try and improve my uphill sections of my long Sunday run 🙂

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Location:A very muddy Steyning !

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